View Full Version : 95 chev electrical gremlins..need help

07-27-2011, 08:29 AM
We did e simple engine swap in a 95 chev 1500 4x4, everything was working perfectly before the swap, now we have the following problems:

- brake lights are lit up when key is in run position, they go out when the pedal is depressed. The high mount brake light works perfect. tail lights go out when the tail/ hazard maxifuse is pulled under the hood
-gear position indicator lights up with key on engine off, and goes out with key on engine on.
- alternator hums with key on
-no wipers, washers or heater blower motor
I'm not much of an auto electric person. This sound like a short to ground or a bad ground? we replaced all the grounds on the batt to engine to frame to firewall. didnt make a difference
Help! thanks