View Full Version : 94-99 pinion yoke

07-26-2011, 03:13 PM
My truck is a 96 12 calve 2500 with an opened fuel plate and strait pipe exaust pushing a hell of a lot of power. Dodge uses 3/8 inch bolts to hold the front driveshaft onto the d60 front axle with tiny little straps.

Was out wheeling last week and well it happened again, i snapped those huge 3/8 inch bolts holding my front driveshaft to the pinion yoke for the second time. This time I was just attempting to climb a hill so just backed down pulled the driveshaft and went main road in 2wd. First time I was in a ditch in the winter after trying to pull someone else outta the ditch had to bring in a wrecker to get me out and just bought a autowrecker replacement yoke as I coulndnt get the snapped bolts out.

Spent a while researching it dodge used a unique ujoint with an odd cup size, and the only one to use the stupid straps and 3/8 inch bolts to hold the drishaft to the axle. I found a much beefier replacement crome molly pinion yoke that uses the much stronger u-bolts instead of the weak straps and its total cost is not much more then the old rusty auto wrecker one I had previously. About 145 bucks plus shipping [36] Hope thats the last time!

Anyone else having this issue or was it just me?