View Full Version : Installing a Potentiometer in place of TPS

07-25-2011, 03:13 AM
I had the Throttle Position sensor fail in my 92 Cummins last week in Kelowna, driving back to Hope in Drive is defiantly not fun or economical. I priced out a new TPS from Lordco ($450ish) and Dodge ($700ish) and then was directed to this link on DTR

(Pictures in the link)

Everything was installed in about an hour, and right now I have the OD shift set at approx. 95km/h.

Parts needed:

Potentiometer (Rheostat) from The Source ($7.99)
9-pin Male D-type crimp connector from The Source ($2.99 I think)
approx. 4' of wire
Soldiering gun

I don't have any pictures yet, but the install was very simple. on the POT there were three tabs, and they correspond to the three wires from the TPS plug; the outer wires are the power and ground, and the center wire is the Reference Voltage. The D-type connector's pins slid directly into the factory plug with a snug fit, and after shrink tubing them gave plenty of clearance.

I mounted the POT under the dash beside my brake controller using an old switch bracket I had lying around, and after fiddling with it to dial in the shift point I have found it to be out of the way and away from accidental bumping. So far I am happy with the mod, I don't have to play with the O/D switch on the dash when driving at 80km/h and I no longer have to lift the throttle for the transmission to shift into O/D.