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07-28-2010, 07:56 PM
A man walked into a restaurant and was stopped at the door
by the host who informed him this was a restaurant for lepers.
The man hadn't eaten all day and had been travelling for 14
hours, and begged the host to let him eat there, at this point
he was desperate for food. The host said, "Okay, if you're sure
you don't mind the sight, many people have boils, missing body
parts, and look quite unappetizing."
So the man agrees that it will be okay, and he sits down and
orders his food. He takes one bite and throws up. The waiter
told him he was sorry, and brought him a new dish. He takes
on bite, and again throws up.
Suddenly, the man sitting in front of him turns around and
says, "I'm sorry about that my body looks so disgusting with
all these sores. I can move to another seat if the sight of
me makes you so ill."
The man who has just thrown up twice calmly responds, "It
is not you that is making me ill, it is the man sitting next
to you dipping french fries in your back."

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NIce.....time for a snack

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