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07-12-2010, 12:10 PM
Seat belt repair is basically done, just gotta remount the seat belt, so now moving onto the frame repair it needs..

To continue from the other thread, we have moved onto the frame repair... and oh what fun it is....
here is what I had... 3 holes give or take #fawker

one on top of the shock mount..



one under the shock mount and downthe frame a bit..


and the rear shackle area....


holy look at the Sh$t in there...

So we tackled the shock mount first as it was easiest prolly to do...
The old mount was basically welded on the back of hte frame so it came out from the frame about 1/4 inch maybe a bit more and sat above the frame, so it was welded on top of the frame after, anyhow it was pretty easy, first thing strip the old....



Here you can see how the old mount came out from the frame, basically made a perfect trap for crap, anyohw, the angle Iron I picked up is perfectly wide enough to go to the edge of the old mount, I just need to cut a piece out for the lines to go into, cut it shorter, and smooth everything out,



salvaged a piece of the old mount to reuse and weld to the back, you could always just grab a new bolt and whatnot, but it worked out ok actually, as it has to come out from the angle Iron about 1/2 inch to line up good, so this is perfect..


tacked in place




To finish it off I will cut a small piece of Iron to fit on an angle in here, or even a square chunk to put in here to keep the top from flexing back and forth, Good Idea Bones, always thinking that guy...


thicker then this but somethig like this...

next.... cut out the piece under the shock mount..



pretty straight forward for here I hope anyhow, something like this, have to cut and make the piece

And yesterday, after finishing welding the rollbar, we took 14 steps backwards....

the shackle area is getting bad and cant wait any longer, I found couple more small cracks in it now... right in the bolt hole...


lovely.... #dance


moving onto the fix,



the Sh$t that was in there man... WOW



So have to get the spring bushings out to weld dont wanna melt them, I trying to do this on a tight budget so trying to resue what I can... but I have to say, WOW Old man EMu bushing, the greasable bushings are 2 piece, and dont go all the way to the middle, and they are slotted on the bushing side, this allows the grease to get in between the bushing and the metal sleeve, they came out using my fingers basically... awsome..



so that is as far as I am now, the tank will definately have to come now, as there is the same crack on the backside as on the front by the sleeve.. so ya, F#@k ME...

and Bones said this bracket has to come off for some weid project he wants to do now, somethign about relocating some shock hangers or something... #rockon #popcorn


I dont know anyhow I took it off...and for some reason he stuck my spring over my axle.... hmmm....


see where it takes me .

07-15-2010, 07:38 PM
well this is turning into something else all together now I think...

well fairly productive day I guess, got the frame complete and the *** end up on wheels, and when I say up, I mean 'UP'.....

started Wednesday at lunch he swung byand we dropped the tank so we could see what was up behind there...



So I got up earlythis morning and started organinzing things for the day... I dont got no swankygarage, do gots some nice electric impact guns and things tho....



my pile of crap is gettign bigger, this is all **** ALL **** from the frame, and body I repaired, all the dirt came fomr it as well


Bones showed up around 10am, after a quick whats up, we figured we would get at the shackle area first....
not many pics thru out, we kinda got wrapped up in doing it..

so I had the length of steel needed cut already, just needed trimmed, after some tweaking it fits nicely, we also ran into some thin metal on the backside,


after some deliberating and discussing, it was decided the center cross member is gonna need replaced in the next couple years, as is the rear when a tire carrier goes on, the stock is not strong enough, so at that time we will 'properly' adress these areas, for now we patched it up, aand cut out the bad crap, welded it up and ground it down... its better then it ever was...




next was the area on the bottom just below the shock mount... simple enough... :D not really, but Bones had a chunck of angle iron in his truck that pretty much fit perfect, just neeed some trimming, even had some holes for drainage so this **** wont happen again....




Turned out really nice, so break for a beer and I go take a leak and come back out and ****ing Bones has done this...





well gotta rip into the front now, cant stop here...



Anyhow not much for typing I tired LONG day, hats off to Bones for helping Thanks man, fuk do I appreciate it...

stopped here for today, hopefull get the front up and sitting level Sunday if Bones is available, and just keep going from there, The SOA is basically being doen now cause well, I was this far torn itnto it so not putting it back together just to do it again, no thanks, I will add the SYE, shocks and things over the next couple months, the 8.8 needs gears still, so not wasting alot of time on the 35, welding the mounts on, and welding the rear of it for now.. The 8.8 will go in hopefully before winter.

As for front?? Ima just use a pitman arm for now, I may just build the 30, I know why bother, I dont htink Im going over a 36 tire, and Im not hard on the throttle and its been good so far.... the next couple of months I iwll decide and either buy a 44 if I can find one or just do a highsteer on the 30 and build it up or just swap TJ shats...

**** form here should go fairly quick now, is the uphill swing hopefully....amazingly enough I think the D/S is gonna be sorta ok, for now till I can get a SYE...

opinions?? advice??? never done this before either.... I know on the SYE andstuff its coming, dont have it yet, and did not have the desire to put it back together only do rip it apart again ina month or so...

night all

Oh the Bodylift is coming out now.......

oh and that is Bones in the Pic he is about 6' 2ish... so ya its sitting high...

2.5" OME springs prolly 1/2 inch on hte shackle lift, the 5ish on the SOA nad as its sits here a 3" BL.. that is coming out.....

07-15-2010, 09:10 PM
looks like a toyota frame :D

Explorer guy418
07-15-2010, 09:13 PM
PLEASE tell me thats not a flux core 110... and PLEASE tell me u preheated the axle tube before welding to it and didint use the flux core.

07-15-2010, 11:18 PM
looks like a toyota frame :D
thought it wasa toyota frame:dontknow: :party0010: :party0010: :party0010:

07-16-2010, 07:59 AM
looks like a toyota frame :D

getting that alot when I post up pics.... must be something wrong with yota frames I guess..... :dontknow: :dontknow: :confused0006:

07-16-2010, 07:59 AM
PLEASE tell me thats not a flux core 110... and PLEASE tell me u preheated the axle tube before welding to it and didint use the flux core.


and we have not welded nothing to the axle yet, its just sitting there snug in place......

but why heat the tube.. its not cast or anything weird... never seen anyone heat one up to weld it

07-19-2010, 06:47 AM
more today... should have started a new thread..maybe a mod can reanme this one or something.. The front is up now.... SOA..

please hold the comments on the steering, It is not attached and the jeep is not going anywhere....

short term is a [pitman arm, longer term is a high steer yes for the 30, and see where that takes me... I not hard on stuff so it will prollydo me fine..

SYE is in the works, but actually I think I can go it without for now... and the 35 is tehre for now, need gears for the 8.8 to match the 4.10 I got for the 30, and ya other stuff.... anyhow

Well Bones made it donw after all around ( little early, but hey Im no complaining..... scarfed donw my breadkfast and at it wego...

I had expected no bones today, so I was onctent on climbing under the jeep and grinding the rame an cleaning up the mess, finishing hte other pieces of the roll bar, but hey... why not get the front up...



not man pics of taking the diff off,




next get it up and start measuring, many many many many manymany many times.....




one tire on... I need a bigger jack now..




better thne I thought it would be, pitman arm is coming




as for shock mounts the old swaybar ends work outstandingly awsome...

so front will have to be takin apart again to weld, we only tacked and the little 110 is not gonna cut it so Bones is gonna drag his 220 down here cause we dont evne think it wold hold to drive up there with just this.... few odds and ends and may bemobile..

Explorer guy418
07-19-2010, 04:57 PM
look at the axle closely and put heat to it.

07-19-2010, 05:15 PM
so where do you put the coil buckets? [48]

07-20-2010, 08:48 AM
look at the axle closely and put heat to it.

we did, and we did,

the only thing cast on the front is the Housing and hte axle disconnect, we may have to weld a bit onto hte housing but hopefully now, as for the tubes those are not cast.

08-01-2010, 06:10 PM
anyhow some boxes came today... :2thumbsup::kiss:


whatever could they be......



smittybilt 3" tube fenders, they mount on these..


smittybilt corner guards.... now the jeep is not gonna be comp cut anymore and acouple of brackets will have to be made on the bottme rear corners but no biggie....


thick ....

dont forget the little box good things come in little boxes.... :thumbsup:


advanced adaptors SYE....


so jeep will go from looking like this now....


to more like this...


plus the tube flares....

anyone know how to put a SYE in :eek: :hahaha:

I can see alreadythe guards are gonna givemegrief, they are about 1/4 out in the rear VS lining up at the door, Im chalking this up the body being out from the previous hit, all the reviews I have read have said these were a easy bolt on... so not blaming Smitty here.... nice heavy duty corner guard.... the tube fender, I did not unwrap one yet, the one has about 5 runs inteh paint... no biggie, gonna be scratched to hell anyhow, but there is a couple of gaps Im not crazy about dirt will sit in and collect Im gonna stuff them with some bodysilicon and that should be good... all and all....

9.75 out of 10... someone who is looking for a show rig may not be impressed, the build quality is there, and in the end that is what I am after, they are rugged and look VERY tuff, I guess I gotta go find a tree and test them...

updates Monday hopefully, everyone is taking off for the long weekend here so no one left to help poor me, and those guards are frickin heavy.......:eek:

all told just over 6 bills not bad me thinks delivered to my door... well my work.. same thing...

08-01-2010, 06:11 PM
got some done today, more tomorrow its a holiday here....

Hmmm not thrilled on the fitment, but im not sure if its the jeep or the guard, it lines up nice in the rear, but along the door, not so much.... anyhow pretty straight forward, get it up, and its a little heavy.. I started at the back, lined up along the tailgate, and the top edge, and just continued forward... I could not get it to line up at the dorr no matter what I did...



then there is the door, its about 1/2" out....


there was no making it fit no matter what, even to rebend it a bit it would just miss on the tail end then, as it was it lined up nice in he back so I went with it and tweaked as much as I could as I went....






Then I thru the flare on, I will need bigger bolts then the ones provided but that is my bad, memeber I was comp cut so now I have to make a bracket olaon the bottom rear to bolt into so it is secure, and the bolts tehysent to bolt the flare on are sized for teh OEM holes, wayto small for the holes drilled in the flare... but I can snug it up for now...



will have to cut my rockers now...


in this pic ^^ you can see in the lower rear I have nothing to tie into I a just gonna seld a bracket off the inner fender I think and tie the 3 points into it...



gonna suck cuttin the rear for my LED tails... almost wanna go back to swuares now....

So then I took the passenger rocker off to start on that side...and..... **** me


well screw it this far into it now....


it is not nearlyas bad as the other side, it just needs a small pieced replaced, the inside is still solid...



oh and as you can see the cage is back in...

the rust spot wont really hole me up, tomorrow I am gonna make the piece to fit it so it can be welded in fast, I will fit the guard and get the right bolts for the flares, hopefully the SYE is going in tomorro night as well, my buddy is backan he has done a couple said he would walk me thru it...

I got an XJ shaft as well, not sure yet what Im doing here, I have been tol a million times, but I am trying to do so manything it wont register till it is time to dio it but htat will be close....

get the tank back in and bolt her down and hopefull rolling next weekend, but prolynot ... lol

I like them, ya cant reallysee by the door unless your looking, anyhow... once the BL is out it should sit OK till I can get some 35 and the 8.8 in there...

As for the front Im gonna go with this I think, MAX put me on to it...

Knuckle over, High-steer steering system for the Samurai. (http://www.fyurl.com/rr.php?c=2&site=www.jeepforum.com&url=http://www.rocky-road.com/ottsteer.html)

lol only for a YJ, dont know why it linked to a samurai....
well all for now, GF B day today as well, lol, off to dinner.

little update on whre its at....

08-01-2010, 06:12 PM
finished pics of the front... same only higher alls is bolted up now, woeking on removing hte roll bar now and getting it painted...

getting screwed this week, got stuck in training on Thursday which is normally my day off so I ahd to take 4 hours off todayand grab mywelder andhis 220 and get it done...

some finished of the front, only a couple its the same only higher.. cheers cheers




honest opinions on the pitman arm, am I gonna get bumpsteer...?

Oh and hey look what showed up at work today.... MMMMmmmMMMmmMMM

all kinds of sexy right there, bad pics in the shop, but was ina hurry




all new 2011 CTS sport coupe 305hp of AWD bad *** sexyness right there

08-11-2010, 09:01 AM
well got the body lift out, and ya know how it goes, fix ont thing, and make 4 more news jobs....

I often wondered why there was brackets supporting my rad, well today I found out.. with a 3" BL I guess it stand to reason, the PO made some changes to accomidate... so once the BL was out, the rad needed lifted up so as not to hit the shroud...


hitting the fan shroud...


the long metal bracket has to go, and the rad needs lifted up 3"


my dad is in town visiting from Daytona Florida so hes helping....


after almost 3 hours of ****ing around with that, we could get to 3 hours of ****ing around getting the body to line all up nice like....oh and some new bolts 3" shorter of course...






Once that was done, daywas almost spent and felt like nothign got done, so I managed to get this side hole filled and welded and the rear pass corner guard and flare mounted, so that side is done as well now, listis getting shorter.....





I will drill 2 drain holes int eh bottom of this piece so the crap can get out....


sorry no pic of it done, we was getting rushed it was getting late...

so here is how she sits with SOA, on 2.5" OME springs and OME greasable shackles....






08-11-2010, 09:02 AM
so got home today around 3 and figured I would get going on the Dshaft...

we beat the hell out of one ujoint so show of hands.. who does NOT have a couple spare ujoints in thier glove box .... GET SOME...

anyhow.. I needed to replace the cap on the end as well as it popped out..




for all those without sophistacated (sp) tools, a a big socket and a small socket will get a Ujoint out in short order.... big endoverlaps, small one beats it out...



the cap.... back in now...

hows my line... hmmm damn close me thinks, find out in a couple days here.. ujoints are in sync

or not.. :confused: here is to good eyeballing... :cheers2:


hows the angle... I dont know it looks low....now that it is in, not much but a bit...




well its in, find out soon enough whats up with it..

on to the tank, one strap was broke, hmm I never welded before, my dad did the welding on the body the other day, I tried but I just made soem holes, I actuallydid a perfect bead for about 2 inchs then I guess forgot how I did it... lol...

08-11-2010, 09:03 AM
anyhow needed to weld a bolt on the end of the strap with a new nut...WTH..




will it hold........ :thumbsup: :thumbdown: ??



awww yeah..... :2thumbsup: :2thumbsup:

hey the first time you guys welded as amatuurs did ya think you could weld the USS hornet back together.. :rofl: :rofl:

anyhow... I found another thing we forgot while crawling underneath... the shock tower on the driver side needs its support and the clip for the fuel lines.... DAMN IT... well woot more wleding.. LOL



I R A WELDING GOD..... :laugh:


hmm those is fuel lines..... wraped them in some thin metal and was VERYcarefull....


getting dark now


not bad me thinks....

Tied down a couple ofvent lines for the diffs, and reloacted my ebrake cable to the driveway/garbage ben....
have not used it in 7 years or so prolly not gonna start now....
maybe swap a new one in when I do the 8.8
gooder night :tea:

08-13-2010, 11:46 AM
WOOHOOOO it moved........ :cheers2: :2thumbsup: :highfive: :cheers2: :kiss:

couple things, Tcase shifts thru the gears but is hard, gotta check the adjustment underneath, it does shift thru so so far so good, the steering is binding up, the sahft WILL NOT give and slide down to accomidate the BL removal, so that may take some gentle nudges... aside from that it is smoking a bit more then normal... :thumbdown: not cool, but I did get myhands a 4.0 for free, so maybe this winter do a stroker thing oin it or something...

anyhow for now she is rolling, gotta do the tails yet, and couple small things but WOW what a long couple monhts......

getting the tank in last night...





she be running...... :kiss:





08-13-2010, 01:16 PM
damn. thats alot of work. it looks like it paid off!

08-13-2010, 03:16 PM
damn. thats alot of work. it looks like it paid off!

lol ya turned into way more then originally planned, check out hte roll bar upgrade thread did that to...

08-13-2010, 04:32 PM
geter done!!! good shit!! :D

03-30-2011, 09:12 PM
Apologize a lot for putting this thread up. Just want to add this one. My YJ has been sitting for almost two years because I don't want to yank the tranny and T-case again. Guess what? I gotta man up and get it done sooner or later.I finished the AX-15 conversion for over two months, but nearly blew a blood vessel in my neck when I discovered a major tranny oil leak from the bellhouse area as I started the engine. It's either an open bolt hole or a bad input shaft seal. What i mean is that, it gushes, not drips. had 2 injured arms and couldn't really muscle the drivetrain back out in my driveway, but I seem to be healing up enough now to give it a go. I know the smart thing would be to take it to a shop, but since when have I done the smart thing? It'd be nice to have my Wrangler back. I get bummed just looking at it sitting there. Once I evaluate the new transmission's performance behind the stock 2.5L I can start thinking about a GM LS-series engine swap.

My suggestions for owners who plan to do the repair job:

The ideal one is NV-4500 for tranny based on my repair experience. This tranny could be found in 1-ton trucks and has a 5.61 first gear and a .27 overdrive. For more info on this tranny check with Advance Adapters as they have complete conversion kits for that engine and transfer case combo.

Hawaii auto repair (http://www.automd.com/shops/HI/)