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06-21-2010, 09:24 AM
started on teh roll bar upgrade yesterday for fathers day....
Riley helped a bit,



so doing a rust repair as well, but figured I would start another thread for the roll bar swap/upgrade...

I took my sport bar out and that is what started the whole repair, was just gonna throw the family bar in but figured hm..

so first I used the sawzall to cut the sport bar....

cut like this..


this will give me the 2 pieces needed, depending on where you want it in there and how you mount it.... but just the cut was basicallythe right length for me...

then I cut the flat part off, the bottom, and a small piece off the toe of it bar.... you going for something like this....

The piece I cut off...



Where Im headed, It will butt up against the bottom of the family bar, I will add a small piece of iron to the bottom so it is all flat....


had to stop for a water fight, damn it was hot yesterday...


The top takes a bit more shaping as teh seatbelt mount is going to get in your way, again depending on where you want to seld in the end, I like the angle I was getting with the stock length, so I went this route...

have to shape and cut a slot out of hte bar to get it to fit around and over the seatbelt weld...



the difference...



The angle is about where the old sport bar was, you can see the familybar is far superior, he was gettign to tall for the back with jsut the sport bar....

need to weld it all upnow... test fitted and good to go...

06-21-2010, 09:59 AM
Nice job! I'll be doing the same soon if my kids keep growing.

07-12-2010, 04:18 PM
so to upgrade this thread abit, the roll bar is in place, and the sides are done, still have to add a couple bars on 45 from teh center out to where it bends down to the tub, weld those in and I will be content with the back, next will be an upgrade to the front along the windwheild and down to the floor..

Bones wants to tie it to the frame but I dont really wheel that hard, but I guiess ya never know, so gonna explore some optisn there to....



once it is all back together and the frame is done, I will remove the bar again and clean up this are on both sides, to hard to get at now, and the bar needed to be bolted in place beforethe welding could be done on the sides..




anyhow that is all for now on the bar.... moving onto the frame again

07-22-2010, 06:22 PM
well got a little further on this today... dropped the belly pan and Tcase, getting the SYE here anyday now, so spent today trying to finish up the bar, and cleaning the frame underneath, since the tank and pan and tcase are out, and its up so high, **** I can sit nicelyunder there and grind that rust away...

pretty dusty tho...

Anyhow this will give yas the idea I was heading when I first posted, I did not want to do straight across the back, IF, IF, it ever rolled, all I can see thatdoing is folding to one side, I wanted some triangulation so forces get applied to the center of the rig, I hoping it never rolls, but hey...

anyow here is what I ended up with... well so far..

here is where I am going..




lots of ****ing around without a drill press and the 'cool' tools..





Lines up nice along the top as well..



just gotta weld in the other side, take it all back out... LOL **** me.. and paint it...

07-23-2010, 07:32 AM
Coool .

Mr Vic
07-23-2010, 10:42 AM
nice upgrade to the stock bar.. planning to do frame tie in also?

07-23-2010, 10:56 AM
nice upgrade to the stock bar.. planning to do frame tie in also?

ya we were talking yesterday, doing some measuring after the back was fitted, measured up the front to get an idea of what more we need,

gonna tie into the top of hte windsheild, so I have to cut the spredder bars and weld the piece in and reweld the windsheild brackets, I want to be able to still fold the windsheild, I could just tie in and leave the brackets, have to look more at that, then down the windsheild to the floor..

from there we will maybe tie into the frame, but I dont wheel THAT hard, but I guess ya never know...

07-28-2010, 07:52 AM
AND CAGE DONE.... took tiem off today to finish welding hte front for thje SOA, and welded the last piece as well, went over all the welds with his 220 and the same time,she is penetratred now, double penetrated on some welds... oh oh I said DP... I R in tubble now anyhow pics

sorry very excited shes coming together....

first 10 steps backwards again in taking the cage out to paint and clean...**** its heavy now thru my back out big time today lifting the front and taking this out just did me in I was on 2 robaxacet, then I lifted this out.... frick me

Ima thro this out there, but I dont know, I may sell my urban camo top, it fits ONLY sport bars... I gonna try and mod it to fit around the new welds at a upholsteryshop, but I may just sell it and try to find a urban camo family bar bikini...

I know I get mega comments on it and loads of ppl have asked on here where I got it but I have never seen to many of them...


I haveto say it looks sexy...









prolly hour or so ofclean up and have to weld a small piece on teh bottom to get it flush but she will be in tomorrow