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06-19-2010, 03:35 PM
long post, not quite done yet, have not posted here for a long time, but this seems to be a common place fopr rust so here is what I did/doing....

doin a roll bar swap and upgrade as well so will post some pics on that as I goto....

So find a hole... any hole will do

said hole... :hahaha:


I want to fix it cause Im getting massive flexing,in the panel tand the seat belt is falling out now so.....ya......prolly time ot take a look at it....

so before you do this make sure you take a GOOD look :cool:...upon closer inspectin my body mount is cracked and falling thru the flor as well, and hte seat mount it cracked bad, this I already knew...the body mount I did NOT.

SO first off :cheers:

seat mount...


so I pull the rock guards off and WOOHOO another small hole...


off to the right...

off I go cutting.... :drool: :rofl: to add more to the story this side of the Jeep was smakced a few years back before me, so it is about 1/4 iof bondo on the whole side...this I knew to as I painted it before, but the previous damage is taking it tole now, I just need to snuff it up so I can put my new fenders on, what started all this was the family roll bar swap, I took the bar out and figured WTH might was well do this at the same time...

anyway here it is now, this will take some time as I dont have alot of free tiem this week, and need someone to do the welding for me, I R Not a welder...




The tuff part will be replacing hte C channel for the body mount and getting the side to line up, I have to make a piece on the insdie as well were hte seat belt mounts, the little part that sticks out, really dumb design when you cut into it actually.....

Well got more done today..... Ima prolly use a couple posts as there is lots of pics... at the same time I am cutting my old rollbar and making a full cage so will post pics of that to as I go....

So got some work done tonight...

tackled the seat bracket first, basically, I just cut a square piece out, got access to the bracket inside, It was broke, from lack of anything under it to reinforce it, so we cut a chunck of square iron and welded in in under, repaired the bracket, keeping the same bolt hole and welded a piece of sheet metal over...

bracket with iron welded under it..


little grinding left to go...


onto the floor,....

where to start, we looked at the piece cut from the floor and the C channel was not so bad, actually the only crack was the sheet metal on one side of the mount, the mount inside was still solid, so I cutthe **** awayfrom arround the channel, keeping onlyit basically, I cutteh mount out of the channle and got it apart, Then basicallyrebuilt it welding the mount inside after setting in place and getting flush and making sure the bolt for the mount will still line up...

The channel with all the **** cut off, the mount is the bigger piece and the smaller piece is whatthe bolt goes into, these were all good, so after getting it apart, clean it up and rebuild it.. myfirst time to so learning as I go..


oh ya wear gloves kiddies





Once it wasback together and test fitted several times, tweeked fitted and well this went on for a bit...next was the Piece of C channel the runs down the center on your YJ, right below yuou feet in the back, if ya dont know go look you will see it, anyhow I needed about 6 inches of this as it was toast..


The piece to the right of the cut needed to be replaced, So measure cut and bend, I skipping a few pics cause I can onlydo 10 I think.. this corner was cleaned up and the C channel will replace the top...

It was prettystraight forward, cut to fit and bend the edges, and I also cut teh outside panel as well, so we could button most of it up tonight, and get it all fitted....



started this morning with a piece of sheet metal and hmmm..


After a hour or maybe less bending/fitting....fitting/bending....bending/fitting.... had something I could work with...



getting closeer

It would need tweaking later as you will see, depending on how bad your hole is here or how much you cut will determine exactly what you will need for a piece here.. we did find a way in the end to make it ****ing super solid, using a piece of angle iron.. This side of my jeep was smacked earlier in its life, after grinding it all out and really looking at it I should have replaced the whole side panel, but this is budget so It is solid now, anyhow after a long bit of bending I ended up with this...


now again bending here is dependent on how you cut, I had to bend under so the folds were to the inside of the panel in the back, everywrher else bend toward the outside, this panel should tie into the floor, and rear C channel, as well as the side of course, this is what gives ya the strength.

next is ****ed up, in order to get **** to fit and be right, we figured HEY, put the top on, make sure th side panel lines up, GOOD THING, do this if ya undertake this job, after a couple of HOURS, of ****ing around, we had to strap the windsheild, and crank its *** in toward the rear of the jeep, like I said this thing was tagged prettygood long time ago, and now it is showing how not lined up **** is, after a long time we finallygot everything lined up using straps to crank the windsheild in, and bolting the har top down...


Top on


windsheld starpped and pulled back..

KK next the piece for the floor, straight forward, get a piece of sheet metal lay over trace leaving yourself some room for error, and fitment later...



after many test fits and small adjustments we decided to tak the floor piece in and tie it to the side, we also found jacking on the rear ofthe BODY help tweak everythign in place, my door lines up better now the nit ever did..

stick jacking hte rear of the body...crazy kids....


ok ok more...after tacking the floor panel in place, we said fuk it its all lined up, door closes good, seals, other side is good, weld it.. so we did..



so now what, after a awhile of Bones welding, mean while I was working on the bar stuff...



I wil use the other for the front sectin by the windsheild, just gotta get it bent to fit and widened a bit.... no biggie..


so tyhe side pane needs a seat belt nut and bolt in there to dont forget... had some scrap thick iron laying around, drilled it out, welded it to the back, and a nut on it...shoud hold..



now we cleaned up all the welds and got hte side panel all readyto go in...




you will notice in the last pic something extra.....

after it was all welded in, it was still a litte shaky, due to the fact the spot welds are letting go farther up the side, that will get touched up later this week after I clean it up, so to make it solid we welded a piedce of angle iron in there...... MAN I would recommen do this anyhow, holy **** is it strong now... I can slam that ***** door and all I get is a solid THUNK...


now clean it up and a bit more yet to do to finish, I stil got a small hole in the side to patch up and lots of grinding and painting....

ahh more beers

06-23-2010, 07:54 PM
looks good! gota love flux cored

06-25-2010, 11:59 AM
well 10 steps backwards today...

crawled under the jeep last night to see what else I needed to touch up before throwing it ack together and....

:thumbdown: saw this....


I got as small hole on top as well in where the shock tower mounts..

so now what to do, throw it back together and wait for the SOA to fix it all....

nope it goes into the backside... :cheers: :cheers: thanks jeep :mad:

so off to get a couple more cut off wheels... figured while at it I will fix the couple little spot I missed doing the body...



angle Iron Ima use to fix this problem...


and oh wait... look what else I found...



right besdie the spot I jsut fixed...oh ya when I painted it a few years back, I had no welder so I fiberglassed it up.....


beleive it or not, under here was clean before I tore into the frame...no ****, there was over a complete big *** shovel full of mud and dirt lodged up in there, plus all the pieces of rust...


about 2 inches deep..... WOW I think jimmy hoffa may be in there still.... I gotta hose it out.

figured while Im at it grind the **** down and see what other surprises are there...


not bad everywhere else.

ONE NOTE...THOSE ARE FUEL LINES UP ON THE FRAME RAIL, SO CAREFUL GRINDING... However I wonder if I could file a fire claim under stupidity... this thing is starting to piss me off.

I did not wanna take the brake line off, I know its gonna brake... LOL that wil lbe sunday when I weld it up.

another little spot Ima fix while im at it now...

good possibiliy Ima spring it over now to, I dont have all the stuff yet, but, time Im done with this fix I prolly will, really onlyneed a SYE...and gears for my 30, but found a 44 the other day that may work.. so...ahh anyhow off for more beers. and back to grinding...

so yet to do, shock tower has to come off, and fix the hole under there. reweld it up, fix the bottom, body panels, bah will keep yas posted.

thanks for coming out.

06-25-2010, 06:21 PM
a couple years back I did some body work on the XJ (I pulled the leaf mounts out from the floor) now I gota go back and do some other areas, near the cat and the rear lower seam on the front wheel wells.

seeing your work makes me want to paint it with rust converter and cover it in undercoating for anouther year :P lol

06-25-2010, 06:38 PM
:D nice toyota
oh wait its a jeep just rusty like a toyota:dontknow: nice work patchin it man
keep up the good work[36]

07-02-2010, 04:03 AM
well more progress today.. oh hey mods how do i change the thread title, this is turning into somethign differnet lol.. should rename it.. anyhow..

my welder did not show up till around 1 this afternoon, so I too kthe mornign to clean up some welds, and cut the shock mount off and make a new bracket for it...




myplan here is this..


the angle iron is wide enough to go to the outside edge of the old shock mont to rather then rebuilda nerw mount Im just gonna use the angle iron as a whole and well a smalll piece of the mount I salvaged.. something like this..



had to notch it for the brake line..


weld this together line up the pin, and good to go...

finished the final touches on the bar, it fits together nicely now..



and basically got the rest ot the bodywelded up, so it is complete now, tomorrow will move on to finishing the frame, and possibly SOA, if time allows... this is my DD as well, so I cant have it layed up much longer....








some more grinding to do, and will get a skim of bondo on it tomorrow, and hopefullygetthe bodywork done in between fixing the frame, Also got the frame piece mount tacked in place so I can line up the shopck in the morning, tak it and puill it all out to weld it/..




crazy kids again.....

Thanks Blackheep... mywelder today. Hopefully Bones tomorrow...

07-04-2010, 05:31 PM
more done today, just body stuff, turned out not bad, its one of those things you can do forever, but comes a time when ya gotta realize what it is your trying to make alook all pretty, not that it dont deserve it, just next week it will be thrashing thru the bush gettign all scratched anyhow...

figured I had all the bondo stuff done, but the bottom is still way shallow, so needed another coat, and spent about 4-5 hours sanding, putty, sanding, sanding... get the picture, this part sucks,....

not a long speech, just some pics as the day went on....



what to do while your waiting for bondo to dry....


sit and watch bondo dryand havea beer........


its coming....


not happywith this spiot, but the bondo is getting think now and this is covered with the rocker, soooo....... hmmmm...




couple spots could have been better for sure, but next week it will be scratched to hell anyhow sooooo... hey its welded back together now and solid as a rock...



got the roll bar bolted back in and fitted, took some coaxing, lol




SO... still gotta get the frame done, and may limp it up to a buddies to do the welding there in his shop... be a slow drive. and still wanting to spring it over, but I have decided Ima drop the tank and see the frame on the other side since im this far into it...

night all..

07-04-2010, 06:59 PM
looks damn good :D keep up the good work eh

07-09-2010, 02:48 PM
gotta clean up the welds and paint yet, but so far......









07-09-2010, 05:17 PM
Great project but what are you using for a welder?

07-10-2010, 09:46 AM
Im not doing hte welding, but hes using a wire feed lincoln something, I know nothign about welders, I asked if a stick welder should be used, he said his puts out enough power..

not super concerned, he built his Bronco using it, SAS and all that, and he beats on it way wrose then Im gonna use this thing.... its held together good, so...