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So I'm always talking with a buddy who is on here and he always has astory or video to show me or a joke to tell. So i say what the hell, why not sign up. Everything was going great. then I read the FIRST sticky. The first thread was straight forward. I like the fact that the rules were stretched to 2. The first one should have been "Don't be stupid" Then the 2nd rule should have stated "Stupid people must leave this site" This set of rules works for everyone, with only one downfall. Stupid people dont get it. But then I read the second thread in the sticky. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. I'm not going back to count how many no's there was. What the hell else is there to do here other than talk about how wasted I got, what hard drugs are in my system, who I think is stupid on this site etc..... Oh well, i guess time will tell. Just kidding guys. Yhis looks like it will be a lot of fun. I wont get on here very often, I'm a very busy family man. I just upgraded from a Safari van to a Suburban, which just made it back from Meager Creek. As we were just passed Porteau Cove, there was a black bear on the west side of the hwy only 15 yards in, and another one on the east side 10 yards in. The kids were bitching they "never" get to see any wildlife so I busted a U and went back to get pictures. I pull off the 99 and start stalking the one bear on the west side. Closer, closer, there. 20 yards away from what turns out to be the mother bear and her cub being on the other side of the hwy. Click, click. I take a couple of pictures, but her head was down munchin on grass. Snort, snort, bark bark, hey you!!!!!! The bear didn't even flinch. Ok if she's not scared of me it's time to go. I turn around to go back to the burban and there are cars lined up all over the shoulder, half a car on the shoulder and half the car on the hwy. Oh wait. now there are cars stopped on the hwy and the driver getting out to take a picture. Sorry this went too long. Moral of the story. How stupid can you be to stop in the middle of the Sea to Sky hwy to take a picture of an animal that runs ramid all over the province. And lastly, people were stopping on the east side of the hwy, taking a picture of the bear on the west side. I gotta get out of here. The cub on the other side of the hwy (and when I say cub, I mean a 2 yr old large cub) was only 10 yards away from those people. Ok thats it. my names Lance and It's time for bed. Thanks for reading my afternoon. Talk to ya later

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Are you and Assistant Manager?

Winded story but thanks for sharing anyways!

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if we asked all the stupid people to leave the site we'd have no one left

Metal Mulisha
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:dontknow: :dontknow: :dontknow: :dontknow: not sure what to say.

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okay.... welcome to the site.

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:confused: [stupid] 's

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Was this a intro or is it fucking story time right now?

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tell us a story uncle nick

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No no no no no no no no no

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No no no no no no no no no

I think he had you at assman:D

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Keyboard A.D.D.

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holy shit ya lost me at the first thingamagiger:confused0006:

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I think he had you at assman:D

now that's funny lol

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Wow what the fuck was that. Huge FAIL!!!!!

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does he think we can all read?

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what type of truck do you have again all i rember is somthing about a bear