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04-08-2010, 11:42 AM
Heres a pic of my lovely wife posing in my new black suspension seat. Passenger seat to go in next. I sold my drum set back in 2007 and bought these racing suspension seats from California. No.. I did not get the removable seat cushion if I soil myself. These seats were custom ordered to what I wanted and could afford ($1500 including shipping etc., got $1000 I think for the drum set) Got them extra wide with adjustable lumbar support and holes for 5 point harness. The mounting tabs had 3/8" holes so its all bolted in with 3/8" bolts. I made a bracket to fit the stock adjustable seat mounts. One day they will be in a cage in my 81 Scrambler (2011??). Plus I put this other canopy on it which looks a way better than my old beat up black one with the flapping duct tape for a window... I took the Jimmy for some donuts in the field and with the rear locker and new seat it was so !@#$ing awesome!! Once I put my 81 Scrambler on this Jimmy frame I'll move the seats into the tub along with a 6 point cage. Bolt the seats to the cage.



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04-08-2010, 03:24 PM
If you bolt the seats to the cage wont you defeat the purpose of the suspension?

04-09-2010, 11:21 AM
Under the seat you can see a gray bar... thats 1"x1" angle iron facing out, I think 3/16". It is bolted to the outside of the mounting tabs and acts as a spacer so that there is about 2" of clearance between the bottom of the seat where my arse sits and the stock adjustable seat mounts (which are to the side anyways. The seat feels stiff at first but once your in the field "bouncing" and sliding sideways in a donut there is no longer any jarring. Feels like that sidewinder ride at the fair now. Yet to drive off a cliff edge or over a log as of yet. I got to pull a dodge caravan around on the property today that has no wheels so I'll see what that feels like :p