View Full Version : 2000 jeep grand cherokee troubles

02-09-2010, 05:27 PM
Hey ya'll,

I am having trouble with the factory anti-theft system. The key is coded and does start the truck for the 3 sec it will run for and the key light flashes in the dash. Computer comes up saying it is the antena. What do I do? How do I bypass the facotry alarm? I did hear that I could install a remote starter for winter but does this bypass the security system? :dontknow:

Please help me! This thing is driving me nuts!

punkette in drublic
02-10-2010, 01:41 AM
did u check the linkage? lmao na this may help tho

"could be as simple as the Key needing to be reprogrammed, a new key battery, or the whole ignition switch. I have not taken it to them to determine what it is, exactly - However, in the mean time, I have discovered that if I have my steering wheel all the way down when I start it, it always starts. I drive with it in this position anyway and when I park, I release the steering wheel to the full-up position to allow for more room exiting the vehicle. In this full-up position, it usually shuts off after 2 seconds. Though I have not looked closely at the ignition switch area, this tells me that it is likely a loose connection that is affected by the position of the steering wheel. "

maybe this will help :dontknow:sounds like he had a similar prob tho.

02-19-2010, 08:26 AM
Thanx for the tip dude! I do know the key is programed and is reckognised by they system when it is working. That be the problem, the system is messed up and not working properly. With your tip on the wheel movment thinking there is a bad wire in there I pulled apart the colum and there is a security ring that wraps around the ignition lock which has a main unit attached on the bottom of the colum. I started messing with that and it started working properly. It then failed again as expexted so I unpluged the unit and if I now do not use the factory security lock /unlock fob, all has worked great for a week now. I am going to probably have a aftermarket cold starter installed and they totally bypass the factory unit and can regain contorl of the lock/unlock feature with their own product. I hope it works anyway so in the near future we will see.

Hope this might help you some with your problems. I will post more as things happen with the truck.