View Full Version : Anybody know their old winches?

01-30-2010, 11:27 PM
I've got this Ramsey "10k" winch, can't find a Manufacture plate on it anywhere...


"Ramsey Winch MFG CO, Tulsa OK"

On the Reduction gear cover? Rear of the winch between the electric motor and the worm drive. #02226

Can I get some information on this thing?

01-31-2010, 01:08 AM
similer to the re series of now. what are you doing with it? they came in PTO or electric . very strong and very slow.

01-31-2010, 01:11 AM
I want to rebuild it and slap it on the front of my 84 dodge. Matches the truck. I'd also like to know which post on the motor is for what, Pos. Neg. and Ground?

In The Zone
01-31-2010, 10:11 AM
run the 3 through their website u should be able to find some info....ground will be to housing and your batt to motor clean it up and u will make sense of it...

dirka dave
01-31-2010, 11:13 AM
Good old winch..

01-31-2010, 11:36 AM
I would give russle tow trucks a call or drop in they used them on the old twin stick trucks and deck loaders

m j
01-31-2010, 01:00 PM
what post does what depends on which way you want the motor to spin, the solendoid pack controls that


01-31-2010, 01:15 PM
i think that russels was the place we got parts for my brothers. They were pretty resonable if i recall

02-01-2010, 03:02 AM
Sweet thanks guys.