View Full Version : What trucks can i find this in at pick a part ?

cronic 4x4
01-29-2010, 06:03 PM
Replacement master cylinder for older Pickup's and 4Runners with smaller bore (bore size is cast into right side of housing). Fits 1979-1995 Pickup/4Runner. Features 1" piston and residual valves for both front and rear. Works with both drum and disc brakes. Bolt on installation. Includes reservoir. On 1979-1985 Trucks and 4Runners the smaller factory bore works fine with stock, solid front rotors and 8" rear drums. If you upgrade the rear to larger 1986 and up, 10" drums and/or upgrade the front to a vented style caliper you will want to install a 1" bore master cylinder like this one for additional volume.

Upgrading your brakes without changing the master cylinder results in excess brake pedal travel. If you have upgraded your brakes on a 1979 to 1985 truck and now you have to push the peddle nearly to the floor, this master cylinder will make the peddle feel like it should.

What trucks can i find this in at pick a part ?

01-29-2010, 06:18 PM
FZJ80 series LandCruiser. good luck.

cronic 4x4
01-29-2010, 06:28 PM
FZJ80 series LandCruiser. good luck.

Ya I live in NFLD not gonna happen, never gonna find one in St. John's thanks for the info though...

01-29-2010, 06:39 PM
in the truck that is parked beside the one that doesn't have it

01-29-2010, 10:39 PM
pick a park called lordco

01-30-2010, 12:40 AM
theres interior auto wreckers in vernon that has TONS of landcruiser stuff

just be prepared to pay out your asshole for their junk[14]

01-30-2010, 11:28 AM
Marlin Crawler $129.oo i think

dirka dave
01-30-2010, 07:17 PM
I have 1991 rotors and calipers and the big axle in the back (1997 wide track) of my 82' Toyota. I have the stock M/C and have not had a problem yet. (been about 10 years now)

BTW I am parting out a 84 4runner right now, it has a m/c on it.

cronic 4x4
02-03-2010, 04:40 PM
Ya just wondering if its worth spending the cash. I am running ifs calipers fj 40 vented rotors 88 rear end on my 85 xtra cab and it stoped fine, was just considering doing the swap if i could have found a MC for cheap ....

02-04-2010, 03:39 PM
who needs brakes just downshift and pull on the ebrake!

02-04-2010, 08:02 PM
usually off the newer 89-94 trucks/4runners have them 15/16th bore works well aswell i have an extra one $40 bucks it's yours