View Full Version : cam shaft position tool

12-18-2009, 09:23 AM
i have a 97 explorer just doing an engine swap someone has removed the cam shaft position sensor is there any way around putting this back in without using the ford special tool???

01-03-2010, 08:10 PM
Do some searching on this subject on explorerforums.com. That is where I am also a member and there is just an assload of info for explorers there. Search "camshaft position sensor" you will find what you need. I was recently reading up on these for some noise diagnosis. They can develop a squeek.

You need the tool. Align to TDC on cylinder one on the intake stroke and then use the tool and drop it in (something like that). I read something about using a voltmeter on first gen explorers.

Do some searching you should find what you need.


PS: It was probably removed by someone needing that sensor, they are worth about 700$ list price at Lordco.