View Full Version : ford tranny

10-21-2009, 03:36 PM
A friend of mine down here in OZ has a 75 F100 short bead, with what appears to be a 302 in it. It presently has a manual tranny and he wants to put an auto in it.

what would bolt up? what would you recommend?

10-21-2009, 03:44 PM
i think a c4/c6 is what hes looking for?
unless its an EFI 302 then e40d?

10-21-2009, 03:45 PM
no its a carby.

I was thinking c6.
What are the pros and cons of each.. the C4 or c6?

10-21-2009, 04:01 PM
someone please correct me if im wrong but the c6 is just tougher then c4.
i still see high power cars running c4s though.

10-21-2009, 08:52 PM
c-6 is stronger with a steeper first gear

10-21-2009, 09:04 PM
i've also heard that even though the C6 is stronger it has more interna drag.

10-21-2009, 11:05 PM
C- 6 is cheaper to build for abuse , c-4 is lighter and can be build strong
just cost money . Ya c-6 sucks more power .