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A hot tub camping?

Of course you should! When I tell people that we have a hot tub,sink and an unlimited hot water shower, the first reactions is "that's not camping". It's funny they never say that again when they come with us and always want to know how they can make one for them selfs. For little effort and a small extra box to take along it is worth its weight in gold. For a basic set up all you need is copper tubing and a 12volt pump. In the picture above you can see the complete set up minus the shower that is around the corner.

All of hoses,pump,tarps,shower head, extra fittings and washers fit into a wash tub from Home Depot that you can buy for $12.00 You could put this in a box but the tub is a perfect size and this way you can use it to wash dishes with hot and cold running water. When you want a shower simply turn off one valve on the back of the wash tub and turn on another, walla a hot 104 degree shower.

We used to dig a hole but that was way to much work,so now we drag logs in a rectangle and throw two tarps over them. The next step is to hook the hoses up and attach the 12volt pump. After this is done place the copper coil in the fire. I have made the mistake of placing the copper in the fire first. You would only make this mistake once as this will insure an explosion of steam and burst hoses. As long as the water is moving, the copper and the hoses will never melt down and explode.

The rest are extras that you see in the picture. On the right hand side of the tub you can see the water fall made with surrounding rocks. The Palm tree's were the idea of friends of ours, Mike and Cindy. Nice touch! While the tub is getting ready you can see to the left the campfire grill that is cooking hot wings in the oversized cast iron frying pan The rest of us are out of view sitting back in our chairs cracking our first cold beer of the night.

I have been asked if I would make more of the kits. If I get a few more people interested I will make them up all at the same time. If you are interested send me an e-mail and I will fax you back a cost. The more I can make at the same time the cheaper they will be.


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